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a yahoo! address and they passed it to the nsa, which went and started monitoring the e-mail address. as soon as the e-mail came in from the united states, to that address, the nsa passed it to both n.y.p.d. and officials in colorado. i have been in rapid succession. i think that is a good take away for coming in now, for cooperation post-9/11, the real good cooperation does work frankly, thetraditional pic rankly the traditional police work for amed work for the fbi for so many decades that have kind of come under scrutiny and maybe people think don't work to fight terrorism like lady maranda lights are questioning them over a long period of time, watching and waiting. those kinds of things in the end, does work. and you know, we didn't need secret presents. we didn't need waterboarding. we didn't need guantÁnamo bay. collaboration and smart policing work to keep america safe. >> host: how are you able to get access to these records? >> guest: adam goldman, my co-author and i reported for "the associated press." for about 18 months through 2011 to early 2013, we were reporting on t
everything. that name -- [inaudible] contractor connected with the nsa, national security. and -- >> host: okay, agnes, i apologize. we've seen -- she's got a lot of connections here, kitty kelley. >> guest: i don't know how to put them all together. i thought she was going to say that she saw this photograph, and they were all white men. and i was ready -- but i don't know quite where she was going with this. but the connection to the nsa brings us back to what the man asked -- >> host: perhaps the power in this town and where does it reside? >> guest: well, it certainly resides here. this is the capital of the country, and the power resides with the supreme court and with congress. and be then with the president. >> host: amy, portland, oregon. when ms.-- i'm just going to read it verbatim -- when ms. kelley leaves this world, what will happen to all of her interview and video recording? >> guest: amy, i do have them all. i do have them all, and i've saved them because you never know -- i did it in the beginning to document all my work for lawyers. i don't know what'll h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2